Search Engine Optimization

Ranking Higher on Search engines means more conversion?

I In order to more effectively reach clients, it helps to know when, where, how, and why they are looking for your service, and what times they are looking for it. This is where SEO comes in! I work with you to diagnose your online presence and develop more targeted means of reaching users.

Through effect keyword and meta descriptions, image optimization and alternative text,  Google analytics monitoring, and more;  we can discover how you’re influencing clicks, and potentially raise your search engine ranking.

Higher rankings means more visitors, which means more conversion!

Keywords & Meta-description

Analyze how users are searching for you and your services, then optimize meta data on your site to appear when they are looking.

Image optimization

Maximize site speed without losing clarity in your images; give everyone a chance to read your content with alternative image text.


Find out where your users are located, how they are engaging your content, what they find most compelling, when they are using your services; then reshape your strategy to match. Re-analyze and repeat!

  • Google Search Console
  • Google My Business
  • Google analytics
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Search terms
  • Maps
  • Image Optimization
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Site Mapping
  • Click Through Rate
  • Influence and Click Conversion
  • Bounce Rate Monitoring
  • Location Monitoring

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With SEO, you optimize your presence on the internet, placing your image in the site of the consumer.  Let me help narrow their focus on your brand.