Video & Animation

Motion graphics for your online brand.

With more users than ever, spending time on popular streaming services like YouTube and more audience browsing Instagram, video and animation is a great way to tell your story.  Animating your logo, or pushing out a 4:5 cropped product video for distribution on social media can help give your brand a competitive edge.


Film your product or service in action.  Give it a cool look and distribute it online so your audience can see it first hand. A picture can say a lot, but a video shows it!

Online Presentation

Whether shooting an information video-blog; a self promotion video for an important audition;  or you want to showcase your athletic skills.

Business About

Give your customers a more in depth introduction to your company culture, products and services. We will tell the story of who you are and why you do what you do.

Logo Animations

Showing your brand logo in motion helps your company look modern and more exciting.  Use your animated logo for video intros and outros, presentations, and more.

Online Ads

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchap.  These new platforms are where people are spending more of their time, and each has their own parameters for delivering motion graphics.  I can help you reach your audience where they are browsing online.

Artist & Music

I believe arts and music are essential to our culture.  Which is why I seek to help budding artist get themselves heard and into the audience eye.  Live performances, music videos, and intimate settings for promotion on Youtube, social media, and websites.

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Together we can create visual communication that speaks to and inspires your online audience.