Web Design

Mobile first, multi-platform designs?

According to recent data, almost 70% of internet traffic is recorded from mobile users.  Understanding the nature of how potential customers will engage your content is  important to delivering the best possible user experience. These days, a website is no longer a static page, loaded with bulky information; websites now are a multi-platform web application. Which is why I design with a modern and mobile first strategy.

I work with you to establish online goals and help find the most effective options to get your content online.  With proper image optimization, descriptions, SEO, and more, we will work together create an engaging online presence.

Mobile First Design

Your clients are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. Make sure your content is best optimized for where they’re viewing you.

Modern and Fast

Using a website on a mobile device likely means using mobile. By optimizing images for best viewing on multiple devices, while staying at minimal file size, we can help cut down on users data footprint.

Clean and Clear

Lets face it, internet browsers today don’t have time to read through mounds of information.  If they aren’t engaged in your site, they will drop and move on.  By keeping things clean and simple, we can create a more optimal online experience.

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