Leif Derrickson

Neo-Progressive Rock, Singer Songwriter, Power Metal

Latest Track: Immortal Sun

Dear Fans:

Writing music has been my life long passion.  As a creative, there is a fixation on bringing the imaginary into our world.  Absorbing the energies and perspectives around us, learning to understand the world, and intuitively birthing interpretation.  I am a designer by trade, but that only satisfies one need!  Music satisfies a deeper connection to our universe.  It embodies the ebb and flow of time, through frequency, waveform, sounds.

Due to the economic crises we are in, we are all limited on resources.  For me, this means only utilizing free services to distribute my music.  While these channels satisfies the scope of my listeners, in order to grow and reach a broader audience, I will need to pay for more premium services.  I am asking those who wish to hear more music to donate what they can so that I can more easily purchase broader distribution such as Spotify, Itunes, and more.

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Venmo:  @LeifDerrickson

Paypal:   paypal.me/LeifDerrickson

Bandcamp:  Leif Derrickson

There is a place I go to be with you, where falling stars are blazing out and reality crashes around me.

Memories EP:

A compilation of works composed by Leif Derrickson during his teenage and young adult life, refocused for a more coherent production. This is the first complete album released by Leif. All production was done in his humble home studio, with the assistance of: his brother, Ian Derrickson; his father, Anthony Derrickson; and friend Jake Stringer, on percussion.

Warrior Hunter Project:

The days were short and the nights were long. Friends were eager to raise a beer and unleash hell. It seemed the fun would never end and you vowed it wouldn’t. Youth of spirit is what you make it. Age is just a number, right?

Bike Hero Soundtrack:

The Bike Hero soundtrack is a collection of every backing track used in the production of short film, Bike Hero : A Rider is Born.

High Hoax

As part of his senior thesis, Leif filmed a documentary short-film entitled “High Hoax: a viliant effort.”  The film followed the forming and success of a local music group.  Though he did not write or perform the music, he was the recording engineer and producer.