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Leif Derrickson has always shown great interest in the arts.  When he was a young child, he was fascinated by Disney illustrations.  He would spend hours attempting to copy character drawings from sight in an effort to learn how illustrations were done so that he may one day draw his own ideas.  Not long after, he was exposed to the world of Hayo Miyazaki and other Japanese animated classics like Dragonball. Further captivated by a narrative told through animation, Leif solidified his love of drawing.   Having grown up in a musical family, he was also exposed to concert band and choir. Spending even more time learning musical instruments and how to sing. Combining his two passions of music and art had become a lifelong journey for him to try to understand and an endless obsession that has not been fulfilled. After high-school, Leif attempted to pursue a college career; however, the lifestyle and importance was lost on him at this time in his life.  During his tenure there, he was offered a position as a graphic designer at yearbook publishing company, Walsworth. Feeling he could gain more experience in the real world, he decided to postpone his undergraduate studies in pursuit of a job.

Some six years later, the thirst to learn was reawakened.   Unsatisfied with his skill-set and position in life, Leif decided to enroll back into college courses. In 2009, he attended an audio recording technical school in Ohio, this lead him to realize that more could be gained through further education. A year later, he enrolled into his Associates Degree with intentions of completing with a Graphic Design degree. During his first year there, he decided to change over to the field of audio and multimedia production.  In the summer of 2012, he packed up his car and moved to Springfield, Missouri to complete his bachelor’s degree.

During college, Leif started a position as an Audio Mastering Engineer at National Audio Company.   This position allowed him to be flexible with both his full-time work and school schedule in order to complete his degree.  While working for NAC, Leif honed his skills in audio production and quality assurance. He even found an avenue to use his skills as a designer, illustrator, and advertising student to create marketing materials for the company.  During this transition, Leif realized that his career path ultimately lay in the direction of design and visuals. He began to teach himself web design and front end web development, business management, and freelancing. By the end of 2016, Leif resigned from NAC, only remaining long enough into 2017 to train his replacement and finish any lingering projects.

Leif spent the next year back at Walsworth publishing, helping them for one last season while rebuilding his portfolio in design.  During this time, Leif continued to pursue his freelancing venture outside of work, building a small client base to practice his newfound skills.  In 2019, he sold most everything he owned and moved to Portland, Oregon in search of more opportunity. Leif is currently employed as a graphic designer at Newegg, Inc, and works contract with Clay Banks Studio International in Hollywood, California.

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