Capture the moment and tell the story!

Whether you are looking for an event photographer to document for future memories;  in need of professional portrait shots for your resume; need to sell your products online and look good; or have a family card you would like to send out for an occasion.  I can help you capture whatever moment or visual you need.

My post processing techniques are another benefit to the quality I bring to my photography service.  I offer non-destructive color correction and photo post-processing using the latest editing software.  I even handle photo restoration!

Portrait Photography

Simple and professional.  You need to a professional head shot for your LinkedIn account or your resume.  I can help you put your best foot forward by looking sharp for future employers.


Live performances, trade-shows, company gatherings, family gatherings, parties, weddings, and more.  I bring only the essentials to capture candid moments.

Product Photos

Whether selling your item locally over Facebook or Craigslist marketplace, or you are running a high traffic online store.  I can create eye catching images of your products the highlight every detail. With both single color backgrounds and product staging.

Family Portraits

We chose to either go for an outing or simply meet in a single place of your choosing.  Capture a lifelong memory for display in your home or use the your family portrait to create postcards and other gifts.  I offer graphic design services as well!

Group Photos

Getting your music career off the ground with a more edgy look?  Maybe your small-business needs a face for your clients?  A group photo session is a great way to make your image known.

Digital Assets

Stock photography, product pictures,  interiors and exteriors, landscapes, people and portraits;  if you’re looking for more tailored digital assets for your online image, I can help put them together.

  • Professional Portraits
  • Family portraits
  • Senior Photos
  • Couples
  • Live Events
  • Asset Compiling
  • Products
  • Band Photos
  • Interior and exterior
  • Sporting Events
  • Office and workplace
  • Modeling
  • Resume Mugshot
  • Landscapes
  • Parties
  • Family Gatherings
  • Weddings

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Ask me about how a photo session can benefit your company image.  Contact me for quotes and scheduling.