Video & Animation

ACT e-Course Commercial

Clay Banks (Clay Banks Studio International) is all about flash, flare, and sexy. Being an acting coach and producer in the heart of Hollywood, this image fits the bill! Clay wanted an short promotional commercial to help sell his comprehensive online acting e-Course, The ACT e-course. This is outcome!

Petrofunders Product Offering

PetroFunders came to me looking to create an info-graphic animation to showcase their new online energy investment platform. They wanted something completely custom, that would appeal to potential investors. I custom animated the entire video, as well as produced the voice-over and music. Beginning story-boarding, to scene & character building, and finally to After Effects for animation. The total project took over 100 hours.

LEMC Animations Reel

These are a series of text based animations and picture animations I had created for Littleton Equine Medical Centers 70th year anniversary documentary.  

The picture animations were the more exciting pieces to create.  We gathered old slides from LEMC’s archive and had them converted to high resolution digital.  I then brought them into Photoshop to cut out various pieces, recreate backgrounds, and ultimately bring the images to life with subtle movements and parallax effects.

Cat5 Cooking

Cat 5 cooking was a log and animation project I created for a client that was looking to start a barbecue youtube channel. He wanted something cool and sleek.

First I designed his logo, combining a fire plume with a chefs hat! Too keep with the theme, I attempted to create a metallic, stainless steel icon, burning in a charcoal filled oven!

CBSI Europe Commercial

CBSI Acting Classes Commercial

Bike Hero : A Rider is Born

High Hoax: to Exist

Littleton Equine Medical Center

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