Website Design Portfolio

PetroFunders Website

Working with Above the Fold Branding, I helped energy investment startup, “PetroFunders” with creating a professional website to showcase their new brand and help guide users to their investment platform.  The goal was target businessmen, entrepreneurs, and potential investors.  With this in mind, the look, feel, and interface needed to speak to that expectation.

Included in our design process was a consideration to SEO and mobile friendly design.  We also created a brand guide, for color and font management.

Littleton Equine Website

Working with Above the Fold Branding, we rebranded and recreated the website for equine veterinary hospital, Littleton Equine Medical Center.  Located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, Little Equine serves a much of the local Rocky Mountain community.

The goal was to update their image and website to more user friendly and modern interface, that worked across multiple device platforms.

Medtech Content Marketing Website

Working with Above the Fold Branding, we rebranded and recreated the website for Medtech Content Marketing, based out of Colorado.  Medtech is a small business operation that helps medical professionals with various copyrighting and legal writing in the healthcare field.  We created a new modern website, with better cross platform functionality and user experience. Including SEO set up and monitoring.

One Bag A Week

One Bag a Week is a community action volunteer service that I started.  The goal of 1BAW is to minimize the perceived time investment of picking up trash in our neighborhood’s, by inspiring more people to get involved in cleaning a little portion on a weekly walk.  The reward of healthy exercise and environmental consciousness benefits us all!

Pen and Steel Website

Anthony J. Marvin is a pharmacist with a passionate interest in history, particularly Templar history.  He has always been an excellent story teller and decided to give writing a serious try.  Using his knowledge of Templar history, he sets out to offer a fictional narrative on what he believes may have occurred during and after the fall of the Knights Templar.    To promote his works, he needed a website and social media presence.   I helped Tony with building his website, creating artwork, and photography.

JH Customs Web Design

The JH Customs web design project was created as part of a marketing group rebranding project.  As part of our year budget, we wanted to redesign our client, JH Customs, website to be more modern and mobile friendly.