Web Design

Newegg Business Landing Page

With the goal of increasing b2b sales, Newegg requested a business brand overhaul. My role was to design a sleek new landing page and brand image, that would simplify the user experience and drive more customers to sign up to a Newegg business account. This includes; custom icons, color rebranding, site redesign, lifestyle photography, graphical elements, and typography.

Computer Build Giveaway

May the fourth promotion

Newegg and their brand ABS, a pc building department, does a yearly giveaway for May the 4th.  I was asked to design a landing page and banner set for this promotion. The requester specifically wanted to showcase the computer components as if they were action figures in a toy store. 

Project includes: custom illustration, product photoshoot, web design, marketing package, digital banners, social media, icon creation, logo design.


CBSI website display devices

Clay Banks Studio International

Littleton Equine website display devices

Littleton Equine Medical Center

Working with Above the Fold Branding, we rebranded and recreated the website for equine veterinary hospital, Littleton Equine Medical Center.  Located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, Little Equine serves a much of the local Rocky Mountain community.

The goal was to update their image and website to more user friendly and modern interface, that worked across multiple device platforms.

Honoring Heroes Of Gala multi device website images

Honoring Heroes of Gala

Pen and Steel website display devices

Pen and Steel Website

Anthony J. Marvin is a pharmacist with a passionate interest in history, particularly Templar history. He has always been an excellent story teller and decided to give writing a serious try. Using his knowledge of Templar history, he sets out to offer a fictional narrative on what he believes may have occurred during and after the fall of the Knights Templar. To promote his works, he needed a website and social media presence. I helped Tony with building his website, creating artwork, and photography.

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